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  • About AAOM

    The American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine was founded in 1983 by a group of physicians from the United States and Canada who had an interest in Orthopaedic Medicine, not as a follow-up to surgery, but as an independent discipline to treat chronic pain and injury with non-surgical methods, including prolotherapy and other injection therapies.  

    The founders realized that while there were several physician organizations which supported aspects of Orthopaedic Medicine, there was not a society specific to non-surgical Orthopaedic Medicine Physicians.

    The AAOM is a not for profit organization that provides information and educational programs on the diagnosis and comprehensive non-surgical treatment of NMSK disorders. AAOM promotes orthopaedic medicine by providing a forum for physicians to learn integrative diagnostic techniques and comprehensive non-surgical treatment methods, including appropriate injection therapies, image guided interventions, osteopathic manual medicine, therapeutic exercises, pharmaceutical, nutritional, and hormonal treatments. The AAOM method of diagnosis and treatment is effective in providing relief for acute and chronic NMSK pain.

    The AAOM is dedicated to the education of physicians and the public in the non-surgical treatment of NMSK pain, injury and dysfunction. The AAOM integrates multiple disciplines to create a regenerative and restorative orthopaedic paradigm and provides a forum for innovative ideas and research.

    To be the international leader in restorative and regenerative orthopaedic medicine.